Image Quailty Of .OBJ Imported to Sketchup


I am exporting an OBJ file of a building site for use in Sketchup. When imported into Sketchup the mesh looks good but the texture is much less detailed then when viewed online in Drone Deploy interface. I have tired importing it with both sketchup’s native plugin and with the Simlab-soft paid plugin both result in lower quality texture maps than in Drone Deploy.


Any ideas how to get the full resolution texture into Sketchup?


Hi @benddrone,

Thanks for swinging by the DroneDeploy community but have you tried reaching out to SketchUp’s support team? It looks like it might be isolated to their software/services.


Christina is right the issue is with Sketchup. I had to select the “use maximum texture size” option in Preferences under the OpenGL tab. This solved the issue.


Glad to hear the issue is resolved, @benddrone!