Image Flip when stopping in Vertical Camera Position

**Summary of Issue:**P4P Pilots, when camera was in vertical position and the drone stopped prior to turning the image would flip on the screen (upside down) as if the drone was going the other way. I sent it away for repair of an unrelated Gimble issue and they found that installing the older version of firmware on the drone fixed the image flip issue. I was told not to install the new firmware until they release a newer version as they are aware of it at DJI. Just in case others are having a similar issue.

Date Issue Began:

**Drone Model:**P4P

Mobile Device Model and OS version:

DroneDeploy App Version:

Hi @Grizz,

Thanks for sharing this. I’m sure many others will find this useful since the P4P is one of the most popular models.


I noticed this in Go4 app during my last flights on Feb 24th. P4P and iPad 4 mini. All software latest version. Did not notice any problems with DD app but after mapping mission I made some other photo/video flights with G04 and had this happen multiple times. I have C1 button set to cycle gimble from horizontal to vertical and this cleared the “flip” when it happened but still very disorienting. As reported, only when nimble was at nadir as I remember which, of course, would make sense because at any other gimble angle the view would appear upside down. Advise everyone with P4P to keep this in mind as it could result in control input in opposite direction of that intended.

We are experiencing the same issue. We have also noticed this to make the Drone appear that it is flying backwards.