Image delay Capture issue "urgent"


I updated to 2.0.49. Everything works till image capture. Can you explain the process.

Before, image capture would start automatically from way point 1.

Now, image capture delays for the first leg of flight before DD says “image capture started”.

Sometimes I have to hit the image capture button on the controller to initiate image capture but only 1 photo is taken. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

I have reformatted my sd card and everything seems to work besides camera image capture starting point.

Please help


Instead of update you might want to uninstall and reinstall the app to clear out possible conflicts.
I would also turn the power off and back on on your mobile device to clear it out.

I did uninstall and reinstalled. I will restart device now and try again.

@agribugs, i have encountered this many a time. In my case, i happen to have 3-iPADs. Air, AirII, and iPAD PRO(12"). You would not beleive the inconsistency i get on these. I line all three up side by side and they don’t even bring in all flight missions properly:

. So we have found that hardware also has different performance characteristics in the field as well. The iPad AIR fails to render all images during flight as the drone is taking them. The left had flight info still shows pictures beeing taken, so you can rest assure it is still taking photos. My AIRII does better, and my iPAD Pro is flawless. Another note: each of these reports warnings differently. The Air only displays 26% battery in popups, while the AirII sometimes verbal audio announces, while the iPad PRO verbally warns me always. Another quirky difference is the voice on AirII is SIRI like, while the voice on the iPad PRO is Male voice. DD has some really inconsistent behavior.

My point: Each of these iPADs are on the approved compatible list, yet they dont all work. My Air fails most and sometimes crashes the app. So can you try a more powerful device and ses if you have better performance? I hate to have to upgrade my devices, but my iPAD Pro is flawless and zero lag, zero glitches. I certainly seems like DD breathes better inside a more powerful machine.

@Imaging_InFlight and @Gary

I have had successful flight this past weekend.

This is what I did. I had a 3rd party app installed with Drone deploy, so I thought maybe this is holding some settings deep in the abyss.

  1. I uninstalled the 3rd part app
  2. I uninstalled DD
  3. I restarted the Ipad mini
  4. Installed DD
  5. Flew my flights and everything worked like it should.

The sign of relief I felt was amazing. I honestly believe DD is one of the best Apps except for all the glitches with the updates. I have a 16gb Ipad mini and I know I need to update to a more powerful Ipad which I will do.

Yay for everything working, I will be connecting to my Phantom 4 this weekend and back to Matrice let’s see how it goes