Image Capture

Images are no longer captured on turns causing a problem when a map’s rotation causes long side legs. If the intention was to remove images being taken in the turns then that also is not being accomplished 100 percent as I am still seeing occasional images from the moment of rotation? As you can see from the image below there are several longer turns in which images could be taken on the tangents that are not. This map was rotated off of the default optimized path due to wind constraints. For now I am manually triggering captures in these areas. For us this is particularly important when the base GCP network has to be set closer to the perimeter to stay out of the LOC (limits of construction). Thanks!


Date Issue Began: I’m not sure when this began, but it could have been a month or two ago? I only notice it now because I have had recent maps with poor overlap on the edges because of this.

Drone Model: P4P

Mobile Device Model and OS version: iPad 2017 iOS 11.3.1

DroneDeploy App Version: 2.73.0

It is best to make your boundaries 10% or more beyond the area of interest. This is important because the algorithm works best with three rows of images to triangulate. There are only one row near the edges so the accuracy may suffer. You could also increase side overlap to tighten things up?

Thanks Gary. Sometimes in our scenarios it is not efficient and sometimes not possible overfly the property because of governmental restrictions or existing infrastructure. Taking the manual shot in between alleviates the problem entirely.