I1 Battery Update

Does each battery need to be updated with the .bin file FW1.05.0011? Per the update instructions, after the aircraft has successfully completed its FW update, remove the .bin and .txt file from the root directory.Should this only be done after all batteries have been power cycled with the .bin file?

@CI_Aerial yes, please remove the .bin file after you’ve power cycled with batteries. Thank you for pointing this out- we’ll update the documentation to reflect this more clearly.

You can actually Leave the .BIN file on the SD card in normal operation. The aircraft will attempt to start and update but it will not update if it is running the same version of the firmware.

The .TXT file can also be left on and it will update after each power cycle.

Not that you need to do this, but if you switch between 1.5 and 1.4 like I do I just leave the current Firmware on the Card and update my batteries as I need them.

Noted, Thanks Greg. We appreciate it.