I want to use DD instead of other software to capture roofs to start

Is there a way, when I am ready to start a free trial or did you give up on them. I am targeting and would loke to use you product get us of the ground with all your great 1 platform idea. It cost more, except, first report.
One question on report, will the estimate report be in Xactimate, 99% accurate measurements vetted (Q:who vetted the DD accuracy? Help me sell the product) EZ3D is a app that will do Xactimate & RSX, but much rather use you because I can do more with my P4. DD helped champion the P4 because of it rolling shutter, and wide sensor that great for measurements.

Do we still do 2 week trials where I can relearn and study the software. I didnt have to much time filming events to use misc mapping programs just to keep it up. Please help??? I need to be able to get info on a step by step shot list (map) to get a good roof estimate of say a 2 floor. So I can practice. Thank you so much I know it is alot to ask but I will become DD subscriber for life…

John J Reynolds

Hi @John_reynolds1, welcome! I fixed your title because “sue” looked scary at first. @Erika_Houseman can you help John?

I think you meant mechanical shutter. Rolling shutters are inferior for mapping. Message me to chat about how to capture roofs well. First attempt would be the Enhanced 3D Flight mode.

Good luck!

Correct my mistake. I hsve yrouble connecting to apps on controller. Any advice???

Getting the drone to connect to DroneDeploy or getting apps from their App Market?