I lost the signal of my drone and I lost it?

How I know the last position of my drone?

Hi @Silvio_Luis_de_Sa,

I’m really sorry to hear you lost your drone. The next best step for you is to gather your flight log information so that we can look for the last known position of your drone. I’m sending you a separate email with instructions on how to gather your flight logs. Please look out for an email from me shortly!


Same problem. Please help me

Please. Lost my drone. lost signal. with use dronedeploy.
how do i worry

What will the drone do if the signal is lost? If you lose connection with the drone for a few seconds, the drone will stop in place and hover. If the signal is not restored within about 20 seconds, the drone will automatically go to the preset RTH altitude and head toward the RTH home point.

Same problem..