I can't upload my images mission in my account website


I make this WE my first mission with DroneDeploy app Under android
with my DJI P3P.

Now, today, i connect my tablet to my pc Under win 10, log on dronedeply website,
log to my account, select the mission and click Upload : when i select the images
(.jpg in 4K format, 4000x3000 pix), i cannot upload it : one image, 5 images, or
the full dataset : support softwre don not respond…

have you the same thing ? what i do not made correctly in the procedure ?

please help me…

michel DUFY


You said you connected your tablet to your PC to upload photos. Can you explain exactly what you did? Normally you should remove the SD card from the drone’s camera and use that to upload the photos to DroneDeploy.com.

What errors are you seeing on the site when trying to upload? Could you provide a screenshot?