I cannot connect to enough satellites which will not allow me to take off

So when I try to use the app I cannot connect to enough satellites. This causes me to fail the check list which in turn denied takeoff of my DJI Phantom 3. But when I am using the DJI app I have plenty of satellites connected, and my flights are perfectly normal. Is this common or I am experiencing an issue with either the app or the drone?

Thank you,
Jason Palmer

Moving or holding the drone up higher may help.

Some people will takeoff with the DJI app, fly up to alititude to get enough satellites, hover, close the app and slide it off the screen (the controller is still connected to the drone) (sometimes they will unplug and replug the USB cord also), open the DD app and enable the checklist and let it do the flightplan from there.

Common with the 3’s. I went to a 4 and no more problems. One tip is to turn the drone on and set it in a good place first thing. This gives it a good 4-5 minutes to collect satellites before trying.