I CAN NOT LOCATE Live Map toggle

Hi there, just upgraded my iphone 7 with the latest dronedeploy but I dont see the Live Map toggle… please help me to locate it. Thanks.

@droneros I would update your DroneDeploy application. It should be in the dashboard right when you click on “plan flight”.


@Yusuf thanks, but issue persists…

The app is updated (2.66.0) , now I have removed and reinstalled just in case… but Unfortunately Im not showing the toggle.
Wondering if the feature is availavle for free accounts…
This is what I see:

The pronlem was with my account… created a new account and the toggle is present now. thanks!

Same problem here, forgot I was logged in with my personal (free) account on the app, instead of the paid work account. Obvious when I signed in with the paid account. Might be nice to have that screenshot in the how to use it instructions though.

the instructions provided for this are non-existant…?

Hi @Timmy_Lassie,

Do you happen to have an Explorer (Free) account? Live Map is currently only available for our paying and trial users. Details and instructions can also be found on our Live Map support doc.