Hydrological modelling

Hi, I’ve just had an enquiry about Hydrological modelling or mapping of areas by a utility company during our drought to locate water leaks.
Apparently a Permutation of NDVI and Land Surface Temperature LST are taken to derive temperature vegetation dryness index (TVDI) for assessment of surface soil moisture.
Is this something DD are involved with or is there anyone out there with experience that can share?
Thanks, Maddy

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Hello @maddy thanks for reaching out. I would take a look at our Article on NDVI which may help you in regards to your questions about analyzing vegetation. Thanks!

NDVI Support Article


Hi Yusuf,
thanks for getting back to me.
The articles are very helpful but don’t address which camera I have or the filters if any that I should acquire.
I have a standard Phantom 4 camera and An Inspire 2 with a Zenmuse X5S. I assume both record RBG so can produce VARI maps?, but if I wanted to add a filter for NDVI which would I use?

Hello @Maddy If you wanted to use a camera specific to an NDVI filter, I would check this blog post Plant Health blog for more information. You would need a multispectral camera to use this type of plant health fiter.