Hydrogen fuel cell for 2 hours flight

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Hydrogen drone solutions is getting more and more attention as it’s long endurance and is very environmentally friendly and safe. Today I gonna introduce you one Hydrogen fuel cell from MMC company. MMC’s hydrogen solution has a very compact design,and is very easy to use and maintain.It can carry 1kg and fly 2 hours.

Wheelbase: 1060mm
Rack weight: 3.95kg
No-load weight: 7.25kg
Maximum load: 1kg(gimbal and camera)
Maximum takeoff weight: 8.25kg
Maximum flight time: 110min
Maximum load life time: 80min
Power: 800W hydrogen fuel metal stack + 1050mAh lithium battery
Maximum cruising speed: 10m/s
Maximum climb speed: 2m/s
Wind resistance level: Level 5(10m/s)

Let’s see the picture.

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Nice @Baobab! Thanks for sharing. We did some testing for Doosan a while back and where able to go for about 90 minutes with a Yuneec H520. Funny thing is that it was actually quite a task to fly for that long. I learned you pretty much need an observer or you’ll feel like you fried your eyes. Once we finally get past the VLOS regulations this will be an amazing advancement in drone services!

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Hello MichaelL. Thanks for your attention on us. We MMC company has comprehensive product of UAV. If you can’t find a good part or drone from market, try to source it from us.

Very nice. I just looked at the website and will be reaching out for more information. Thank you!

so why it’s safer? are there some detailed description of this aspect?

There was no mention of it being safer than anything else. Just an assumption that it is acceptably safe. In reality hydrogen fuel cells are not much safer than lipo batteries.