Huge area capture 5x5 miles

I need to get an actual map of area 5x5 miles. It can be not really detailed, from the highest altitude for the fastest process. How I can do it? Because, as I understand, I can’t do this by just pick 5x5 miles area and push START. Drone just loose RC and that’s all.

Here is what I would suggest for a large area, but the final approach is up to you:

  1. On your Drone Deploy desktop start at one corner of the whole area you want to map. Like the upper left. Hit Plan to start planning. Drag the grid to the upper left corner. Choose your altitude and overlaps.

  2. Stretch the outlines of your plan to cover about a 15 -20 minute flight (you can go longer if you want, but you don’t want to have any incidents over people - so be conservative). Try and keep it roughly square. Name it with a column/row grid reference. e.g “Map 1-1” Row 1, column 1 (See first picture below)

  3. Get out of that map back to the Dashboard. Copy that map by clicking on the three buttons to the right of the map name. Open it and rename it Map 1-2. Now click on the center and drag it next to where Map 1-1 is leaving a little overlap. It leaves the original map image there as you drag so it is very easy to see the overlap. Adjust its shape as necessary. (See 2nd picture below)

  4. Do this process across the top of the area.

  5. Go back to Map 1-1, copy it and drag it down with overlap. Name it “Map 2-1” (Row 2, column 1). Do this until you’ve mapped the whole area with Grid flight maps.

  6. Make sure each of your maps is clear of tall obstacles in your flight path.

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Thank you, Gary!
I will try this plan when the weather let me do it.
Then how I can combine all projects into one big image to print?

You can combine them by uploading as many as your plan allows in one adjacent map.

You can also combine them by exporting them and combining them in QGIS (free).

If you go too big, it takes a long time for the computer to move the image to interact with it.

I would try creating all the flight plans in Google Earth and importing them into individual flights like @Gary mentioned. This way you can see all the mission as they relate to each other and make sure that you have a little overlap. This is especially helpful when trying to do an area that is not very square/rectangular…

A little more than 3200ac, but you get the idea.

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