How to view more than one field at a time in DroneDeploy

Hello, I have 4 fields within a project in DroneDeploy. At the moment I can only view one at a time. Is it possible to view all 4 fields at one time.


If they are inside the same project and just different dates then you could do a side by side compare, but if they are in completely different locations it may not be beneficial. The best method would be to export the orthomosaics and load them into qgis. A very simple process those simply clicking on them and they load as different layers. You could then also export all the fields as one master map. You’ll just have to play with the resolution to make the file size manageable.

Michael, I am kind of new to this. Would it be possible for you explain my options in a little more detail. Is there a way to do side by side comparison within DroneDeploy

A compare button just to the right of the date. It will then prompt you to pick another map on the left hand side. Only maps that are within that project will show up including maps that may have been flown on the same day. If the maps are within close proximity of each other you should be able to just zoom out and move the slider to reveal the second map but that’s as far as you’re going to get. You can’t compare more than two maps at a time.
With qgis just download the latest stable version and when you open it you will get your local computers file structure on the left. All you have to do is unzip the ortho and double click on it to load. As you load each individual Ortho they should line up on the same space.

Hello Michael, The compare button just to the right of the date does not work for me. It would be perfect if it did. It never prompts me to pick another map.



I just checked and it looks like the Comparison Tool is only on the Business and Enterprise Plans. I wonder if you can backdoor it with the original version from the DD App Market…