How to use tile data inside Mapbox app

Hi everyone,

I want to fetch and access map tile data from one of my DroneDeploy maps and use them inside a application based on the Mapbox framework.

I got a tile template from DroneDeploy :{z}/{x}/{y}.png?Policy=eyJTdGF0ZW1lbnQi

But inside my Mapbox, access denied (403).

According to one of DroneDeploy engineer, they have a way to do this without a api key.

How can it be possible? Did I miss something?

Hi @mmo,

Have you taken a look at Leaflet/Mapbox/Fulcrum Tile Layer in our App Market?


Thank for your reply @Christina,

I already try Leaflet/Mapbox/Fulcrum Tile Layer and I got the same error.

Strange, I got differents errors :

If I click the link this error show:
• “Missing Key-Pair-Id query parameter or cookie value”

then if I copy paste the link:
• Access Denied

Good morning people,

Here some code about what I’m doing to get the tile template :


Do I need a api key for using tile template from DroneDeploy?

Hi @mmo,

I hope you are doing well. To use our Tile Template API you require to have an API key, which is available in our Enterprise plan or for our App Developers.

As for the code that you added and the “access denied” or “Missing Key-Pair-Id query parameter or cookie value” messages within Mapbox, the issue here seems to be related to the zoom level that you are using to retrieve the tiles from DroneDeploy. So, it’s possible that simply adjusting the zoom level on the map being viewed will fix the issue.

I hope this information helps. Happy mapping!


I am not familiar so please excuse my questions. Are you going this route to automate the workflow? What is the end goal? It might be interesting or useful to others. When I think of drone data in Mapbox I thought the whole orthomosaic was used. Why do you have to use the tiles? Thanks for education.

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So if I understand this thread correctly, the only way to get DroneDeploy projects to render in Mapbox is to have an Enterprise version of DroneDeploy? :frowning_face:

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