How to upload additional photos?

I have the basic, free account, and I’m trying to figure out how to upload additional, oblique photos to my completed mission. The only options on the dropdown menu next to my plan, are ‘Copy’ and ‘Delete’. Is there any way I can upload them, or do you have to be on a paid subscription?

hi @Tim_Bushell I added this option to your account- you should have the Exit Beta option on your dashboard now, and you can add them using the instructions here:


Thanks Neema. I can see that button now and how to upload additional photos.

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Hi neema, Can you add this option to mine as well? I’d like to add photos to a map. Thanks!

This is very useful!! Thanks

I wanted to do this but I ended up just doing another one and including the new photos with the existing set. I didn’t see a difference though and I also got a warning message about the location being more than 100’ away or something but it was the same area.

yes, sure thing. please send us the email from your account address referencing this post to , and we’ll take care of it.


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