How to switch between thermal and visual views


I have a map that I’ve flown and uploaded. This map contains both visual and thermal .JPG’s. When I look at the map section there is a check box for thermal, but it is checked and greyed out. If I look at the map or model sections I don’t see any way to turn off the thermal layer. How do I turn off the thermal layer in the map section? Do I need to upload the visual photos to one map and the thermals to another map?


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Just to be sure what’s going on - when uploading the map plan, you’ve selected all files (RGB and thermal together) and uploaded them both at once?

If that’s the case, then yes, you’ll only see the thermal (or the RGB depending on what the stitching engine has determined best from all images)

You have to upload two separate maps - one with the RGB and one with the Thermal images.

And Yes, until Dronedeploy decide to act upon a feature, that we’ve been discussing for way too long now, your second upload will not have the predefined flight outline and you have to manually draw the map edges again…

Hope this helps and wish you good luck!

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