How to remove geo fencing if authorized to fly

There are locations that you cannot fly in without a waiver from the FAA. DroneDeploy uses some geofencing, but I do not know if the geofencing comes from DJI software or from DroneDeploy.

In the case of genfencing using the DJI Go App, DJI asks that you accept a token sent via a text message to unlock the fence. DJI assumes that you have taken responsibility to submit the part 107 waiver to the FAA and that you have been approved.

If I am flying using DroneDeploy and encounter a geofenced area, what steps can I take to unlock the area, assuming I have taken the steps to be authorized to fly in that area? Would I need to use the DJI Go app to accept the token and unlock the area or would I need to contact DroneDeploy ahead of time to make the request?

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Multiple threads on this, Drone Deploy says they are working on a fix for this, but suggested me to go find another mapping software…

Really disappointing… As it’s been working for all previous missions… Update to the SDK I guess caused issues who knows…

This isn’t really just a Drone Deploy issue - it appears to be related to constraints set by DJI
I too had permission from the airport manager and embarrassingly the whole session failed on the day because of DJI geofencing - and I was just using DJI Go App which point blank refused to even let my drone start!

All in front of the customer too :-}

That’s because you didn’t disable the geo fence inside the DJI Go App. You 100% can fly the DJI Drone app manually by just removing Geo-Fencing feature on DJI Go App. (even near no fly zones)

This issue is 100% Drone Deploy not making necessary adjustments to match DJI’s SDK to modify settings so users can use the drones accordingly. They are working on it, although who knows how long it could be.

Just looking for another update from DD on this… patiently waiting

Thanks Rancor13 - I cant find that option and I definitely have the latest firmware - I’ve also checked online for solutions.

Are you able to point me at the option or a link that describes how to do it?

many thanks in advance


I don’t want to leave you hanging on this. We are seeing these posts. We have this being worked on and as a priority, but I don’t have an exact date yet.

Any fix or news on this issue yet? I still cant fly mission I have flown 5 times before…

Still waiting for some sort of response, or insight. Doesn’t look like Drone Deploy can even recommend an alternative for the time being.

Have everything I need / required to have. Tower Conroller, 107, authorization from airport, put in Geo Fence in auth codes into DJI system…

Why the heck can’t I fly damnit! i’ve ran this mission literally 20 times and it’s worked no not shit! I can fly in DJI Go’s app MANUALLY by not fly our automated misions.

Does DJI Go allow you to run automated missions within it after unlocking? We’ve tested dronedeploy and if an area is unlocked it will allow you to fly if dji go will let you fly an automated mission also.

Have waiver. How do I get into contact with DJI to submit and thus unlock bird (token i think)?

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DJI has let us know that this should be improved in their new SDK. DroneDeploy is almost finished upgrading and after that we’ll be able to better support no fly zones.