How to prevent photos uploading to my phone

I use DJI Go for my phantom, and drone deploy on my samsung phone to do mapping flight plans.
I do not want the photos to show up on my phone. I manually download off the sd card to my computer, and its a waste of space to have them go to my phone.
Can I tell the drone deply app to not upload photos to my phone?
Now, given that I can’t seem to find the setting to do this, I’m wondering if dji go is involved.
I’ve looked through all the settings I could find so any help is appreciated.

Are they natively on the phone or are you using OneDrive or Google Drive to backup the photos? Are you telling DroneDeploy to use the DJI camera settings?

They are natively on, no use of cloud services going on.
I do tell DD to use DJI Go settings.
I looked a bit more on DJI Go and it has video cache settings but nothing about photos.

10-4. I never use the switch to DJI Go, but I remember when I used my Pixel there was a folder that saved thumbnails when I used Go itself. Because of that my OneDrive would ask if I wanted to back it up. My iPad now does the same thing and I can see them in the DJI Go Editor. I don’t see a way to disable it.

ok, I think this is a DJI Go issue:
I’ll turn off the video cache as the others were already off and try.

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