How to improve maps mine sites?

My client would like their structures to be included in the 3D maps but after several attempts, I keep coming up short.

What can I do to improve stitching and 3D rendering of the 1600-foot-long conveyor at this site. Higher altitude? More pictures? Different flight pattern? Different map type?

The conveyor is installed about 45 feet above ground level, to allow haul traffic to pass underneath. I’ve flown at altitudes varying from 200 feet to 300 feet with a DJI P4P

Link to the map:


Take some photos from a 45 degree angle off each side of the conveyor and add it to the project. Also I think it would help if your flight route goes diagonally or across the conveyor if you haven’t tried that yet. Think 3D not 2D angle the camera not just straight down. Just my 2 cents.

Hi Magnus,

I assume most people here have read the support docs already but in case, this has some tips:

Agree CandidSky.

Converyors are quite hard to get right, they are thin, complex partial structures. Taking obliques will help a lot.

When I click on the link provided, I get a message that says “This site is not secure. The hostname in the website’s security certificate differs from the website you are trying to visit.”

Thanks for the reply.
The mission consisted of five different flight patterns, four of the patterns gathered images from a different direction (0, 90, 180, 270) at about 45* to the ground. The fifth pattern gathered images straight down. The mission gathered over 350 images, made at 330’/100m altitude.

Do the premium plans offer some sort of assistance with the stitching, similar to what is available in PTgui panoramic stitching software?