How to Identify the Start Point on the Web Planner

Whenever I try to create a new flight plan on the web interface, it automatically puts the start point where I’m at. I want to create a plan for some other place and the only thing I have found I can do is drag and drag and drag the initial flight plan it creates to the area I want to fly. That can’t be the right way to do it. It’s way too cumbersome. What did I miss?

Hi! So you can actually plan a flight by searching for the location of your flight. After you clicked to start new flight there should be a search bar with a magnifying glass next to it to search for locations you want to plan your flight in or around at. Let me know if it works for you! @consultant

Also if you have not already, please go ahead and download our latest version of the app! :slight_smile:

The search function is not that good, a right/double click would be so much easier.

Plan your flight in Google Earth Pro and import the KML. More precise, better control of the plan as you can measure areas while you plan and the maps are updated more regularly.

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Great advise but you have to realize probably the majority of people need some basic steps on how to do what you are referring to. “Plan your flight in Google Earth Pro” is pretty ambiguous. I’m sure most of us can figure it out through trial and error but if there’s a link maybe to an existing web page somewhere that explains the basic steps, that would be helpful to people here I think.

But ya, how hard is it to not automatically draw the flight area when you create the plan and let the user double click or right click where you want to start the plan at.

Hi @consultant,

To add onto what @chascoadmin has shared, I recommend taking a look at Shapefile or Google Earth KML Flight Planning for details and instructions.

As for flight planning, we are working on improving the process and hope to share updates in the near future.