How to guides

Has anyone seen any “how to guides”? DD has a lot of helpful information on their site but nothing that takes you set by step through key parts of the application. The YouTubes I’ve seen are all old.

I’d like to see guides on Emergency Procedures like:

  • how to take over control during a mission.
  • cancelling return to home
  • setting up RTH to return to the controller location instead of home point. And testing it.

Other guides would be helpful too, like:

  • adding a mission while in flight

Yes new YouTubes would be effective.

BTW - the pause mission button is way to close to the add mission button for my fat fingers on an iPhone.


You should really browse the support site. This is all on there.

These are all DJI functions best served on the controller and are the same in any autonomous flight software including DroneDeploy.

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Either I’m on the wrong site or really missing it. Been all over the site and not seeing it. Would appreciate you pointing me in the right direction.

The page Michael linked is not what you are after? It discusses adding multiple missions at the end. True, it doesn’t have a step by step if that is what you are looking for.

Guys, Gents, …

What I’m looking for are guides to emergency procedures. What if you need to take control in the middle of a flight and dive for the deck?

At the end of a flight, once the drone starts decent, there doesn’t seem to be a way to take over. Everything I’ve tried results in fighting a drone determined to land.

Once you hit RTH, there seems to be no way to cancel the command. I’ve tried “end the mission”, changing controller modes, with no effect. Drone stays on course to RTH.

What I’m looking for are guides for emergency procedures. There are plenty of guides to show how to utilize the standard and new functionality.

Example: drone is on RTH and a low flying crop duster appears over the tree tops destined to intersect with the drone flight path. Now what? If I can’t cancel RTH or take control of the drone some other way, I have to sit back and watch a close call, or worse?

I’m looking for materials that help me learn rather than having to learn by trial and error.

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks Michael,

This provides a clear explanation of the controls and I have reviewed it, but not memorized it.

It is very helpful, but knowing what a control does isn’t the same as knowing the sequence of events to do in an emergency situation.

Example, hit the RTH button. How do you cancel the RTH?

Hit the RTH, then hit the manual control button to take control. Doesn’t seem to work, at least for me.

Once the drone reaches home and starts decent, there doesn’t seem to be a way to stop it from descending. Manual control doesn’t work. Changing the flight mode doesn’t work. At least they don’t for me.

I’m going to be flying tomorrow testing all the various methods of assuming control, especially at the end of a mission.

I’m also, looking for how you resume a mission after you’ve hit the “Manual flight mode” and clicked on yes. Another place where there doesn’t seem to be a cancel command.

Sorry, but it’s not making much sense. Most of what you want to know how to do is done with the mode switch on your controller.

We’re not making this stuff up. If you switch out of programmed flight on the Remote, you are in full manual control. It doesn’t matter when you do it. You will always exit autonomous flight (in any app including Drone Deploy) when you move that switch. If that is not what happens in your case, your drone is broken. We’re trying to help you, but that’s the way it works. There is no way for the user to pick a wrong setting or something and have it not work.

**The only time the drone will not respond to changing the position of the switch is if it has lost control signal and it is in an autonomous mode that ignores signal loss, which is possible if you set it that way in Litchi, for example.

I will be certain to fully test this tomorrow. Some of my issues have been pilot head space errors and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

No problem. We’ve all made mistakes. That mode switch is one of the most important controls you have. Whenever you are in a situation where autonomous flight has a low tolerance for error, your finger should be on that switch ready to terminate in case anything seems to be happening that you didn’t expect. I know you want to be proactive by your questions. It’s much better to cancel out and waste some time than just stand by watching and have the drone fly into something. :wink:

Just so we’re all on the same page, all you have to do is switch from P to S-Mode and drop. You can also switch back to P-Mode if you don’t want to fly full speed. The only time my bird RTHs when it forces it because of the battery. Switching modes used to be my default method of switching flight plans before we had daisy-chaining.

Agreed. After switching out of P, going back to P is not going back to the existing mission. That has been terminated.

It is super cool to be able to hit pause on a mission go freefly and then return right back to it precisely. That was a great add.

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Just for clarity, on the P3 series, programmed flight is in the “F” (function) position of the flight mode switch. They changed that with the P4 and later.

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I wasn’t able to get out and test yesterday. Will need to test to confirm. But my current experience has been that changing the controller mode after a RTH has been sent doesn’t cancel the RTH and return the bird to manual control. Again, I need to test this to confirm.

Working through the thought process. Bear with me. The issue I’m working is after RTH has been sent, not during normal flight.

Using the DJI Go app, if you initiate RTH you have to cancel RTH in order to take back control, in regular flight mode. In DD you initiate RTH and switch controller modes you should now have control of the bird. So now the bird is in manual mode and executing the RTH. This is the same as being in DJI Go and executing RTH which requires a cancel command for you to take control of the bird.

Since we’re only changing the controller mode, does DD issue the cancel RTH command?

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That’s not what was said. Moving the mode switch exits programmed (autonomous flight). In my experience, if the drone is returning home from the mission plan and I change the mode switch, it immediately returns to manual control. If it is returning after having internally triggered smart RTH (energy remaining algorythm) then it will probably still keep coming after the switch. A battery-level triggered RTH cannot be cancelled.

These really are the basics that need learning to fully, or at least better, understanding what the drone is doing. This is independent of SDK based apps. When you start layering on flight programming with different apps, some specifics work differently between the apps. But this stuff is the underlying behavior that is important to get a grasp of. If you haven’t, spend some quality time exploring the functions of the drone outside of programmed autonomous flight.

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Thanks Dave,

Very solid advice. I’m being forced to “discover” some of this in the field, just due to time available. But your point is well taken, time must be allotted to understand the basics and be fully versed. I have spent a lot of time flying manually, but to my fault, haven’t spent time learning each manual control and mastering moving between modes.

I understand that if the internal RTH trigger has been tripped the bird is going to act differently. I fully expect that when I test this I will discover that I was not following the proper steps.

Thanks for taking time to help educate me.