How to get 3:2 and RAW (DNG) format photos with Phantom 4 Pro using DroneDeploy?

Hi I’m from Brazil. Today I tried to fly without the camera’s automatic settings, so I could choose the 3:2 format and the RAW file type (DNG) on the DJI GO 4 in the Phantom 4 Pro. However, the photos recorded on the flight were in the 4:3 format and the type of file recorded was the JPG. How to properly set up DroneDeploy so that I can choose the 3:2 format and the RAW file type (DNG) on the DJI GO 4 in Phantom 4 Pro and take the photos that way?

DroneDeploy uses 4:3 format because at the moment that is what is used for determining the speed and overlap of the flight lines. We tried allowing using 3:2 previously but it actually caused some issues during flights that we’ve let DJI know about.

Thanks chasemgray! What about using the RAW (DNG) format in Phantom 4 Pro? Is it possible to configure DroneDeploy to take RAW (DNG) photos? Does not the compression of the photo files in this format significantly improve the generated ortomosaic or the file size in RAW does not compensate the quality in relation to the JPG format?

When you are taking a large number of photos with big overlap for belnding to create an orthophoto, you are fooling yourself trying to use raw format images. It’s just not necessary and won’t improve things anyway.
You’ll also have problems with the time it takes to write the raw files and won’t be able to do this with the battery life you have and the speed you need to fly to cover the area.

Thank you Meta4. I understood.