How to export maps

I am curious as to how we export our maps. I’m not seeing how this is done. I have a potential client wanting to see some samples, but I’m not able to send them to him. Thanks

There should be an export and share button on the data page. They are in the buttons on the top left.

You can also share data with either a public link or private link:

Would love to know if that isn’t meeting your needs.

I do not see the image publicly in my drop down menu.
and for the 3D map the publicly is not available for me :frowning:

can you tell me what DD plan I am in as a tester? - testing with DJI inspire 1 on iOS and Android as soon as I can get it updating to something 4.4 beyond…

As a tester you should be in the pro plan.

One way to share the 3D model is to click the small icon in the bottom left of the screen. This will take you to the sketchfab page that you can share.

in the meantime I found that one out :smiley: but thank you for the info :slight_smile: you guys are amazing.