How to exclude flying area

If you look at the attached flight plan the software wants to fly these straight lines outside of the flight plan to connect to the next part of the flight. I can not fly over these areas so i need to make my flight plan stay within the bounds i select regardless if it will use more battery etc. Its an odly shaped site i can change to flying at 90 degrees which helps but i would prefer to fly the long length.



We made this request 2 years ago and they even asked me if it was a feature that people could use but I am not heard anything since. I have changed your category to a feature request and maybe we can revive it.

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…and this would be good with the linear (corridor) flight mode. The new will be announced during the DD Conference later this year.

The only way to stay out of those areas is to change the direction of the flight by 90 degrees. That should eliminate the long lines but may add time to the fight.

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You could also fly the small stub out at the top as a separate mission and then combine all the files in one upload as if you flew it at one time.

When you are flying the first mission you can queue up the next one for the small area once the large area is done. You just need to make sure the drone doesn’t fly over the restricted area getting to the smaller one.


This is what we do. You loose efficiencies but it is much safer.

definetly ways to work around it. But i think a simple checkbox “limit drone flight to flightpath boundary only” would be a great feature.


I requested this feature a couple years ago as well and haven’t seen any progress. In the example I gave when I requested it I had a tower in the middle of my flight plan that I needed to avoid. Having the ability to create a “no fly zone” in my mapping mission would solve this issue.


I would love this feature just so I could avoid all water, no matter how trustworthy the drone I always feel mine would malfunction as soon as it would get to the middle of a body of water.


No doubt! Everyone puckers and has that hollow stomach feeling at some point in time. I can’t tell you guys how many times this topic has come up in this past week. I was at an engineering demonstration for the Auterion Astro yesterday and the subject of flight area exclusions came up as a request for their software development.