How to display a very large image size on a website

In another topic I asked about ways to map a whole island.

Now I realize that the image I will get is going to be gigabytes in size.

What method/software/plugin can I use to display the picture on a website in such a way that it only sharpens the area I am zooming in? In fact the same what GoogleEarth does.



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I am guessing instead of using DroneDeploy? I would recommend QGIS. You are really getting into the realm that this kind of software is made for especially if a later need arises to add data to the map. Bonus - it’s free!

The process that will need to be run if the file that does not run well natively is to create pyramid overviews.

Just looked at it. It does too much :slight_smile:

All I would like is to display the JPG as a map of the island. No geographical information needed.

Using DroneDeploy is not an option. I am OK to spend few hundret dollars to make this one project, but then I cannot keep paying 1200 Dollar per month just to keep tha map alive…

Ok, gotcha. If you don’t care about georeferencing then you might look at EasyZoom. Since you will be flying so high I really can’t quantify the end file size and what cm/px you will be able to download, but I just tried 150 acres at 8in/px and the file was only 12MB. Yours was about 3500 acres, but another map of 200 acres at 2in/px was 178MB which is 4x the size or approximately 800 acres at the lower resolution.

Another option I came across was sharing directly from a Google Photos account to a website via HTML. May be worth a try.

The only other thing I can think of that might be an issue is the pixel count. Many programs have issues once one of the dimensions reaches 50,000 on X or Y.

The best way for large images that will want to zoom into on a webpage is with the
free tool Zoomify Free!

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I just did a 333 acre flight that was almost 2gb at 2in/px