How to decide on Pricing of services

Im new here and new to mapping but I’m very interested in offering it to local engineering firms and AG people. maybe even for landmark preservation or promotion. However I am not sure what the going rate is for the different maps. Do most of you have a set per day or per map charge or does it depend on map size? are those prices the same for all the accuracy levels that are offered? I have a outfit that need extreme precision so I would need GCP’s measured with a RTK unit (that I don’t have), so I would need to pay someone to take the GCP’s as well as pay for the PRO level package to use GCP’s. All adding to higher cost for me just to make the map. I don’t want to set the price to low as to not make any money nor so high as to have them laugh me out of there office. Any help would be great.

LOL, start at $1 and see how much business you get. When you get more business than you can handle, double the price and keep doubling it until you have just as much business as you want. Then your price will be right.

Are you aware that Drone Deploy offers manual GCP’s only with their “Prime” subscription - $500 a month?

Yes I am aware. So for that kind of accuracy they would have to pay enough to cover the added cost to me. But how much does it cost to hire a guy to make a standard surveyor grade map? Just trying to get a bass line so I know what is customary

I’m sure you’re not alone with that question. Simple equation, add your expenses then add a margin that will make the effort worth your while. Don’t worry about pricing too high. The smart folks will be priced near you, the lower priced folks will disappear. The only caveat is do your homework and be prepared to spend enough to be competitive and provide excellent customer service.

Also, call around to survey companies and ask if they could use your service.

Thanks everyone. You’ve been helpful.