How to create mission when no mobile data available in area?

I was at a new project today where the data comms is very limited, and the App just wouldn’t work.

Is there an ‘Off-Line’ way of creating and flying a mission, then updating later when signal / Wi-Fi is available?

Which parts of the app didn’t work specifically? We test in our office in airplane mode regularly.

The app starts, shows position on satellite imagery, but when you select ‘Plan’, there is no grid, it’s as if the App has just frozen.

Cost me an entire day of a new project I am working on.

These little issues are really becoming tiresome.

Confirmed, won’t work without data / wifi.

Hi John,

What device are you using? Are you confirming that it doesn’t working when disconnected or connected to the drone?

If you try using the “Start Sim” button without internet do things work as expected or are they still broken?

I’m just trying to figure out how we can reproduce the problem you’re seeing because we have a lot of people flying in remote areas successfully.

I have a DJI Ph3A with iPad Air using V 2.0.6 DroneDeploy

If I put the iPad into airplane mode, all I get is the message at the bottom “Drone Connected”, but no grid.

Therefore, no grid, no mission.

and you’re saying this happens for you when using the simulator as well? This helps us isolate where the problem is.

I have never tried Sim, but it does give me a grid when I tap ‘Plan’, but no satellite imagery, so I don’t know where I’m mapping.

Yeah, you won’t have satellite imagery. We’ll have some more obvious indication of when offline tiles are getting stored very soon. It will basically be storing the tiles for your last 3 locations in the background when you are connected. That is working at the moment but it will be more obvious when your last plans are cached in the near future.

Ok, we’ll run through some tests to see if we can reproduce offline flights not showing a grid when connected to a real drone. I’ll let you know.

I look forward to that option, thank you Chase

Same issue here. I have a DJI Phantom 3 Standard with wifi only connection to the controller (no usb connection). So my Galaxy S7 Edge and also Note 4 android devices cannot connect to the DJI controller and the internet at the same time. I can successfully fly a mission but it is like shooting in the dark because there are no satellite map tiles displayed when planning the flight. Being able to cache map data for offline use would be awesome! Or if you could plan and save your flight while online then upload it to your drone later.

So this will work on the current version, but it is doing some magic in the background that we’ll expose very soon. If you have a flight planned in an area and you launch the app, it will download tiles for the last plans you have in your list. It can take like 5 minutes or so sometimes. Obviously this is not ideal and you don’t know when it is actually done. Will be better in the future. If you regularly refly the same areas, you would just magically have tiles when there is no internet.

With more experience, I have solved this. The flight can be planned earlier while you have connection, this also syncs to your online account and you can edit your flight plan on your PC. Leave DroneDeploy running or in the background to keep your map loaded until you are ready to fly. So the steps I follow are:
With cellular internet, make flight plan, turn on Phantom 3 then controller. My phone automatically connects to DJI wifi (and drops its cellular internet). Then let 'er rip.

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