How to change the elevation histogram values?

I’m new here. Sorry in advance if I missed this, but couldn’t find it in previous posts. I know how to use the slider tool on the elevation histogram, but how do you change the actual high and low values?

The map that I got has elevation values that are a couple hundred feet off, but the mistakes are uniform, so the dsm is really good. When I use the calibration tool the correct elevations aren’t in the original histogram.

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It’s in map details where you would go to look at your processing report. It’s on the left next to crop. Pick the point you know an elevation of and enter it. Most likely it’s the difference between the ellipsoid height converted to feet and your local geoid separation which gives you your orthometric height like you would get from a land surveyor.

Thanks for your help. Im not sure why, but when I did that the first time it kept the original histogram high and low’s which were obsolete. Maybe I just needed to reload the whole page with the calibration still in effect.


If you are talking about the color scheme it will look the same because it is depicting relativity. It should reset the bar but the reported elevation shown at each slider should now be correct. It should persist if you slide them again.