How to change Camera angle

We are currently doing data acquisition using dronedeploy software with DJI Matrice 100 keeping camera in nadir position (90o), now I have a requirement of acquiring data keeping the camera at an angle of say 45, how should I set the parameters in dronedeploy app to accomplish this job, request your kind inputs please.

@prasannakumarmahajan, I too fly the M100, and have not found a way to adjust the camera angle in Drone Deploy, or even DJI Go. For these applications, I use the free Pix4D app (sorry to all the DD admin who monitor this forum). Pix4D allows the camera angle setting anywhere from 45º to 80º. Truth be told, I’ve flown normal ortho-gathering missions with the camera at 80º and have no issues generating a map. The images gathered through the Pix4D app are geotagged and can be loaded to DroneDeploy for stitching.

This is on the short term roadmap, so it’s coming soon.

Just an interested party here - what is the requirement to shoot at an angle other than straight down? What does it give you?