How should I start

I had enquiry from city planner to do mapping for 6 rivers over 300km. It require output to GEOTIFF, KMZ/KML & Jpeg with coordinate WGS 84.

Wonder how do I start, and how much should I charge for.

So I assume you have a proper RTK system and you’re planning on using GCPs?

So far I only have phantom 4.

Then you still have a long way to go before you can start doing survey work with accurate global coordinates :wink:

Wow. That is a HUGE project. It might even be more cost effective to do by conventional (airplane based) photogrammetry. Where is the project? I might be able to help you with the RTK locations on GCP’s if you are in North America… As far as charging, how long will it take and what is your time worth? Hopefully at least $100/hr!

That’s a job for an aeroplane or satellite

The location is Malaysia.

Julian, it is possible to map this corridor using a UAS and not an airplane but you may want to just outsource this work to an experienced UAS survey crew.

Is BVLoS flight permitted in Malaysia? If yes, I can offer you a solution. If you need any assistance, feel free to reach out to