How safe is drone deploy?

I want to use drone deploy to make a 3D model of my house before and after we remodel. We have a lot of trees near our house so i’m not sure if I can safely do this without drone deploy crashing my phantom 3 into a tree.

This is a shot I took from my phantom 3 of our house. Hopefully this is enough information to tell me if drone deploy can make a 3d model of the house.


This is just my opinion, but I would take my own photos and then use the new mapping engine with structure option. I think the app is better for larger areas, again my opinion.

I agree with @Hoover_Agronomy - the app is great for surveying large areas of land, or doing repetitive mapping - if you’re looking to do your own bespoke small-scale and high resolution/up close model, and you want to fly at or below tree level, than I’d suggest doing a manual flight with the GO app.

Tips on doing this well - First capture the area from above with the camera pointing directly down, and then capture some obliques, making sure you have some good overlap between each of the images (65% or so). We have a brief guide here:

Thanks for the fast reply. I really appreciate it! @Hoover_Agronomy @jono

Also do you have plans to release an app for iphone and ipad? @jono

We do indeed - You can read more about that here: