How Many Photos?

It would really be helpful in flight planning a grid if it would show approx how many images will be taken. Its obviously being generated, so please display it. Just as it shows us the time and therefore how many batteries we will need, it would be helpful to know how many images will be saved on the SD card.

Hi @toddmedia we have an app for this, you can install here:

Again, these are rough estimates.

Hi Manu, the link is not working.

Try this link:

How can be amount of photos estimated if drone model is not set in the app?
P3 camera and P4P have different FOV so resolutions are also different

It’s estimating based on the P4 camera for now.

Thanks Mike for your answer.
Resolution, time and other data are based on P4 too?
I don’t get it.
There are other things I’m stuck: from my iPad mini I can’t start creating a flight where I want, basic path is placed at my location. I only can move it around there despite zooming out.
I added a plugin to load kml files but I had to try/error to find how to use it (search for a whatever location you like or simply type any 3 or 4 letters of your keyboard to select any of suggested locations. After that, Import Kml file is displayed)
It seems I still be using Map Pilot and others.
Thanks again