How long it is take to process a 3D mapping being in a free try?

Hi there. I am writing only to now how long it is take the process of 135 image into a 3D model because a sent it yesterday saturday aroun 11 am and i dont have anything back yet. Thanks

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Deve ter havido algum problema. um mapa de 135 imagens é processado em no máximo 2 horas. Estou processando um mapa de 1050 imagens e ele ficou pronto em 6 horas. Abraços

Oh thats a problem. Do you think could be a delay for sending the images on weekend? Thanks


Only in the fact that there probably isn’t anyone actively watching but since you didn’t receive a failure notice it is probably still ok. I wouldn’t expect for it to take more than 4-6 hours though… If you send an email they’ll get get with you Monday.