How long does take to process 442 images

We´r evaluating drone deploy, yesterday I uploaded 442 images, and started processing whit a 6 hours expected time, more than 17 hour and still the same, is a way to know more details about it

Hi @ChristAcevedoM, thank you for reaching out on the forums!

How long it takes DroneDeploy to process these image sets depends on many variables, including the image count, the chosen balance between Speed and Quality, and the current load on our servers. We do our best to calculate an estimated processing time, but some of these variables, such as server load, are hard to predict ahead of time. Because of that, sometimes our predictions are off.

I went ahead and took a look at your map. It is still processing successfully, and you’ll receive an email when it’s done. Please let us know if you have any further questions, and have a wonderful day!

thanks for your quick answer, we are in Chile, very far away from you, so the answers are really important to us, regards, Christian Acevedo

Absolutely, Christian. We are here for you and are very happy to help! :grinning:

Hi, the project still in process it´s takin already more than 35 hours, can you help me?

Processing time is a function of a number of things - the number of images, proper overlaps, the plan you are on, the subject matter, how homogeneous the images are, elevation changes of the terrain, traffic on the server, etc.

You can think of photogrammetry as something like solving a puzzle. If the pieces are difficult to put together or vary widely, the engine will have to work harder to put the puzzle together. The more pieces, the longer it takes. Some subject matter like cities have clearer distinct reference features that are easier to stitch compared to fields or forests (more homogeneous - all looks the same) which take longer.

It is difficult to project how long a map will take. If it started processing on an easy part and we extrapolated based on that and then it got to a more difficult part where it slowed down, it wouldn’t be accurate.

Unofficially, 400 images should take 6-10 hours depending on those factors. I would contact chat support in the app or the site.

Hi @ChristAcevedoM,

This is Stephanie again. :slight_smile: I’m following up here - it looks like your map completed processing earlier this morning after our processing team re-enqueued it. Please let us know if we can help with anything else moving forward.

Have a wonderful evening!


I have the map, seems excelent, we´re going to work on it and learn about drondeploy and mapping

Thanks a lot for great communication and support, so far I´m very pleased with the service


Christian Acevedo M.