How long does queing take?

I have had my test map i tried queing for almost 2 hours how long does it take to upload 80 images???

I want to see how it looks but i dont have anything to view still

Hi @TheCzarOfGam, usually on average it takes about a minute an image. Please see here
regarding processing times that my colleague has shared with another user. We are actively working to improve processing times for all users overall however, at this point we have differentiated processing speed by pricing tier. If you are still experiencing issues please email

well it finally finally finished but it looks horriable you cant tell what it was that was done

If you post the map or send an email to with the name of your map and the email associated with your account, we’re happy to offer suggestions.

Please also check these out:

Troubleshooting for Map Engine- common causes of poor map quality
Guide: Making Successful maps
If relevant-

Best Practices for Crop Mapping