How large an area can an Inspire/P3 map?

Forgot to mention the aircraft I have - it’s a DJI Phantom 3 pro.

Sounds as a massive task to do. Hows the wind in the area? Estimate you gonna need 15-25 batteries. And the image gsd will vary a lot because of diffrent heights.

The wind speeds should be about an average of 4.5 m/s at that height (82 m AGL) I’m going to be flying it at. Dronedeploy tells me the total flight time is about 138 minutes for the flight I’ve planned from the dashboard. So, assuming 15 minutes of flight per battery, that’s about 10 batteries. I have 3 batteries, so I’m looking to fly 3 batteries at a time with 2 to 3 charging breaks in between.

Yes, I’m concerned about the gsd variation as well, but I’m not quite sure how to take care of that. Any suggestions? The estate owner’s main requirements are to mark his boundaries on a map and measure total area, measure the productive growing area of his plantation, and measure areas of various features like water tanks and roads in his estate. Would the gsd variations (altitudes would range 82 - 332 meters) come in the way of doing these measurements accurately?

Regarding varying altitude due to the terrain, I have a question.

Could you fly out manually and go down to a lower altitude, then reset home position, start DD based on altitude above that new HOME altitude?

I know there would be risks associated (return to home, etc), but could this work?

How far can we send inspire from point of takeoff for mapping…??

You can definitely send it as far as you can maintain a signal. You can also send it further but you will lose signal. The drone will continue mapping, but you won’t be able to see the live video feed or know the battery until it either returns due to low battery or is finished.

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I am looking for ways to map a surface area of 75 square km. The main problems are to find a way around the altitude difference between different take off points and planning efficiently the area so it can be mapped.

Has anyone ever tried to map significantly larger areas that require anywhere from 10 - 50 flights to complete the mission?

A couple users have done massive maps, up to 8000 acres, but no one has done as many as 75 square km (17000 acres). Doable, but a lot of flying!

Challenge accepted then :smiley: The main problem I am facing is mission planning. Not sure how to design the flight path. The drone deploy mission planning really is very limited when it comes down to planning a massive project. It would be good to be able to design an area and then have the software divide it into different portions so that you can map it piece by piece.

I have recently ordered a Mavic and am patiently waiting for the long backorders to be filled.

It’s very exciting to see what might be achieved with DD but I am concerned about the mapping area limitation. Most paddocks (fields) that we have are 350 to 400 acres but for the most part I don’t really need a lot of detail or statistics, just to produce one stitched together photo of each paddock.

Does that sound possible with DD or am I better off just free flying, taking a few photos and manually stitching them together?

I’d also like to know altitude…

So my million dollar question do I buy 3 or 4 inspire 2.0 with extra batteries or go for the new Ebee SQ ag drone for 12-15k with the multi spec with up to 500 acres at a throw. I like the one hit wonder, but i like redundancy and flexibility of a VTOL offers, mainly we are wheat,corn,soybeans here with possible of some surveying and site scanning. Please, your thoughts …

I am facing a problem with my new map. I was making a big map and separated mission in 4 pieces. All photos was taken correctly, but when im processing my map im loosing some areas. Here is the example
This map should look like a square and what i get it this. Any suggestions?

I routinely cover 160 acres on one battery pack with a P4. 400 feet altitude with 60-75% overlap. If you can launch from somewhere near the middle of the real estate, you should easily cover 400 acres with 3 flights.

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