How have you customized your drone?

Anyone care to share pictures and explanations of their customizations?

Hi Ian,

I have an Inspire 1 but made myself some battery compartment hoods to keep it warm and cosey.
plus I have found the same core material for the battery stickers that insulate them when flying below 5C° and have made my own.
I do own customized multirotors a HEX and an OCTO but due to the huge amount of investment I would have to make compared to the Inspire they are shelfed until a bigger order is not coming in to cover the investments.

I will try to put up some pics later.

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Hey @phatzo, sounds interesting. A lot of these mods that people come up with sound cool but we never seem to get around to modifying our drones around the office!

Do share some pics when you get a chance.

Happy Friday!

What are the basic components to build a drone?
I want to build it int he shape of hexagon?
What type of motors i should use?
Which MCU will work better?

multi-layer pcb

Hello,Here is a post about bulid fpv 250,
First, you need to buy a package which will contain all necessary parts of it. In this guide we will show everything in the example of Nighthawk 250 package.
Building your own drones You need not only to have EMAX kit, but also some other parts to make your drone fly. such as Transmitter,Receiver,battery,Camera, Antenna, flight controller, etc.
This is The original article Building your own drones My be helpful for you.

Hello guys, any of you here customize the drones by utilizing 3D printer? It could be fun to print out your own propeller and arms. Maybe any of you here have done it before