How Does the Web Flight Planner Know the GSD and Number of Photos?

When I create a plan on the web interface, it calculates the GSD (1 in/px for example) and the number of photos necessary given the overlap settings.

How can it calculate those things when it doesn’t know what any of the specs of the camera I’m using are such as the size in megapixels per photo, and the focal length (pertaining to the field of view) of the lens?

@consultant Great question! So right now the desktop pre-flight GSD is calculated automatically with the parameters of a P4P in mind. However, once you connect your drone it will update and use the actual connected drone’s settings to calculate GSD. I know kind of confusing. Ill def let our engineers know and hopefully fix this in the future.

Yikes! I guess people not using a P4P (or P4A) better not use the web planner for pre-planning calculations - could be way off depending on what actual camera they are using.