How does the Phantom handle missions longer than one battery charge?

I’ve had a look and can’t find anything on this, or my search skills are lacking. But if I need to fly say a 40 minute flight, does the drone return for a battery change then continue on from where it left off? I’ve kept my flights to a max of around 18-20 minutes so far.

That is exactly what it does. after swapping batteries you will be given the option to continue mission.

Awesome, I thought that might be the case but needed a bit of confirmation before trying it. Thank you markaguille.

You’re welcome there is a thread here Large area steps/plan

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You could also fly two simulator flights to see how flying a mission, then returning home, and continuing the flight afterwards works.

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You know I never even thought of that chasemgray. Mainly because I’ve flown live flights to test capability. OK am going to give that a try. :smile: Thank you.

Good idea but didn’t seem to work. After realising the sim defaults to west coast US rather than where I am, flying from San Fransisco to Amsterdam will take a while, I set up a flight around the stadium. 30 minutes long, and ran it to around 18 then return to home, simply stopped there and would not allow me to continue. :frowning:

At the moment it doesn’t prompt you to continue at the end of your flight. You have to go to new mission then select the previous mission and select continue

Yes I tired that, but in this case it didn’t give me anything. I’m sure theres an answer, will keep working on it.

We are working to make this easier in our new UI. It all got added on quickly to our old UI and so sometimes isn’t as easy as it should be.

Not a problem, these things take time.