How does dronedeploy work if you have a built-in screen?

I have the phantom4 pro plus with the built in screen. How do you download the app or do I have to connected to a another device? I downloaded it on to my Apple phone. How does that work?

Phantom 4 pro+ does not allow 3rd party apps to run.

Can you use dronedeploy?

You cannot use dronedeploy or any other 3rd party app on a phantom 4 pro + screen until DJI opens it up for 3rd parties.

Your only option is to buy another non plus controller to use with the drone and then use your iPhone.

Drone Deploy can actually be sideloaded onto the pro plus screen (its an android device and easily exploitable), but this is not officially supported by either DD or DJI

I would have to disagree with you on that one. I installed a few .apk’s but was saddened to learn Dronedeploy was too large and wouldn’t complete (.apk has to be under 20MB). Has anyone else been able to successfully install Dronedeploy on an integrated display?

Hi @Darren_Thomas,

We do not officially support these types of setups so there is no guarantee it will or should work without issue. I hope someone who has been able to work around this can chime in and offer some advice.


It’s been a couple of years since this thread was “active”. I know I’ve heard of people making this happen but the YT video I just watched seemed fairly intensive with having to reboot the Windows PC into some “special” mode, restarting the tablet in “Developer Mode” and other technical steps.

Is this still the case or has a better option (other than buying a 2nd Tx) been devised?

We really want to use DD with our P4 V2 PLUS.

Thanks in advance.