How do I keep GPS Trust tight?

I am using a P4RTK with different results. Sometimes I will get very tight tolerances (GPS trust .14 ft) other times I will be in the 30-33ft range.

Filar Hankins Intersection

What are some things that I should be looking for to make sure that I have consistent accuracy?


It’s that big of a range with the same drone? That sounds like a processing issue. It should always be around 0.10-0.15ft except if you use obliques. I have seen it jump to 0.5ft in that case.

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I will process a couple more and see if I can play with some settings. It may be that I did not have the camera set to 90 degrees. I think it defaults to 60. Do you know the range I can get away with? Will it still be tight if I use 80 degrees?

It will be tighter but in our experience we just can’t run obliques if we want cm-level ground data. Most of the time we fly the nadir map and then do separate flights for structures isolating to them as best is possible. I still think support needs to look at that because that really shouldn’t affect the “Trust Level” they report, just the end product. @Farai_Masheke I think it is a change your Engineers are familiar with but I thought it was across the board? I know it was fixed for a couple of other individuals I worked with but it sounds like Aaron’s are changing back and forth…


I am fairly new to RTK mapping. So it is very likely that this is human error but were is eluding me.

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I don’t think so. A friend of mine had the same thing happen with his P4RTK and we went through the same thing with the Yuneec H520E RTK and the Autel Evo II Pro RTK.

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The same here with Autel EVO2 Enterprise Dual 640T RTK. I thought it was due to PPK’ed missions by Emlid Studio tagged imagery…
I will re-run a former 0.03 m accurate RTK mission and see if it also gets “derated” now to 10 m GPS trust…
Will report later :wink:

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It would make sense that the different camera might not be profiled so they’ll to make a similar change they did for the others.

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