How do I convert a DD 3D model to Vive friendly format?

When I was at the Drone Deploy love in about exactly a year ago I was fortunate enough to be able to view a DD 3D model through a HTC Vive headset. I am struggling to emulate this process. Any helpers?

Hi @Steiny,

Do you recall where you experienced this? Was it possibly through SketchFab?


at the Drone Deploy offices beginning go November last year

Hm, I have a hunch that this was done viewed through Sketchfab, since they have an option to view with a VR headset. Have you tried this?

No I havn’t do you know how to?

Andy set it up, so there is one person that knows how it works. I how to convert and display let would be tops

In the Sketchfab website, there is a an icon in the video/model you can click on for VR viewing. It looks like a pair of goggles.

I can confirm that it is the Sketchfab interface and can use it with any VR headset/device that can connect to the internet. You’ll need to remember that when you set up your map you have to scale yourself properly or you will be either an ant or a giant.