How do I change the START point on both the PC and Android app?

Hi folks…

How can I change the start point on the PC planning web page? (As I think, for one reason, that the start point has to coincide with the takeoff point in order for the TERRAIN ELEVATION box and terrain clearance display, to be accurate, but I don’t know that for sure.)


I see on the Android app, an option to change the “starting waypoint” to any waypoint, but the app asks a person to choose which NUMBER waypoint they want, and I don’t see any place that the waypoints are depicted with numbers.


So how do I choose a new starting waypoint, by number, without knowing which waypoint is which number?



Found a reason I couldn’t see the waypoint numbers…

When I open the app on my Note 4 (5.7-inch screen), the dialog box COVERS ALMOST ALL of the map view…therefor, I couldn’t see that as I slide the “starting waypoint” slider, that anything was changing on the map view.

Hi. I am new here and was wondering the same thing. Has this post actually been up here for 13 days with no response from Drone Deploy? (Aug 13 - Aug 29)

Please lead me in the correct direction to see the answer if it is on this forum somewhere.