How can i use the 3DR SOLO

Hello, This system really looks great. I was told that I can use my 3dr SOLO, but I am new to all this. Is there some kind of tutorial that would explain how to use the solo with this system? Thanks.

We don’t have a tutorial specific to the Solo, but you’d need to capture images with good overlap and make sure they are geotagged. Once you get those with the Solo you can upload them to DroneDeploy for processing.

Hi @aaflydronesfl - please upload the geotagged imagery from your Solo to using these instructions:

thank you!

Can you provide a new link please. This one no longer works.

get to know the solo app
When you open the Solo app, you’ll find you have three options: Fly Solo; Flight School; and a settings menu. If it’s your first time flying — and even if you’re a relatively experienced pilot but it’s your first time flying Solo — I’d like to persuade you to put your excitement on hold for just a few moments and try to resist tapping Fly Solo first.