How can I turn my drone image into a SVG?

Hello, Looking to turn my drone image into an SVG where the blocks on the map are specific items. Hope you can help! Thanks!


Any examples of what your trying to accomplish?

Basically want to use the image in a SCADA or UI/UX system where each ‘Block’ will change different colors when we program a data input to it like so: AggreGate SCADA/HMI Symbol Library

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Looks like a QGIS project and assets to me.

Here’s a doc to export an SVG out of QGIS. Is there an issue of you not wanting to manually create the assets? You might be able to vectorize that overlay you have in something like Inkscape…

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Hi Charles, what’s the use case? Are you looking to track progress?

A bit confused here… Should I vectorize with inkscape first then use QGIS?

No, want to use these high res images in our SCADA/HMI (User interface) for real-time operations. Basically want to overlay sensor data to determine issues.

Either or. You can vectorize the overlay in Inkscape if it isn’t already a layered vector PDF and then bring into QGIS and assign the attributes, digitize over the PDF in QGIS and assign the attributes or vectorize in Inkscape and then insert into SCADA but I think I now understand from your last reply to James that the main goal is getting the ortho into SCADA? And it needs to be an SVG? What are the capabilities of aligning the data in SCADA?

Never used those tools, but will try to figure it out. We want to use these images to overlay scada data on top of them, for instance if an alarm goes off we want ‘BLK70’ to light up red in the SVG. We want to update the image in the background without having to recreate SVGs for every updated drone shot.

Can you guys chat about his idea?

From what I am reading all the data needs to be in your system and the drone ortho needs to simply be a background image, preferably that automatically updates with each new flight. Does that sound right? Where does the PDF overlay that shows the “zones” come from? Is that data already in your SCADA system?

Yes that sounds right, so I presume I need to create an SVG from the background drawing? The PDF overlay comes from a constructions drawing set.

Our enterprise product has a WMTS layer capability that combines all maps into one fast web accessible layer that can be integrated into other GIS tools and apps. Have you spoken to our team about this yet? I can put you in touch.


So my initial understanding was that the PDF needed to be imported into the ortho but it is more like it is a separate piece of data. You could vectorize it in Inkscape but I think because allot of the linework is joined that it will not get the desired individual asset that you are looking for so unfortunately it is probably going to need to be digitized manually. I don’t know enough about your SCADA system but you can export an SVG of the ortho from QGIS. I don’t know how you will align it but you can and while you are there you might as well align the PDF with the ortho and digitize the zones. Normally attributes would be assigned to the zones in QGIS as a project but in your case that information probably needs to be input in your system.

no would be very curious to talk to an actual person about this! I think theres a lot of things missing from text convo. lmk who i can get in touch with!

I PM’d you and am available for about 45 minutes or so. Or we can setup a time.

If you used NX, you should be able to just open the JT in NX and then export to STEP.If you are looking for something cheap, Milkshape might be able to help you.However, I am a little unsure what you are trying to do here, as JT is a 3d format, and SVG is a 2d Vector format. I don’t think they are really comparable. You’re trying to turn an apple into an orange, I think.


Thank you..