How can I measure a surface of a dune (3D)


I planned a mapping of a surface including some dunes.
We know how big the 2D aeria is as we all can see in DD.
my question is: Is it possible to measure the surface of the dune ? (so more like a 3D measurment)

we can easy measure the VOLUME allright but how big is the surface of the volume. :slight_smile:

Hope someone can help me out.
Best Regards,


If you load the .obj file into McNeel’s Rhino 6, then you could use a script I wrote to get the 3D surface area. Rhino has a free trial period so there would be no cost to try it out. Or you could send me a link to your .obj file and I could do it for you.


The Surface annotation tool provides both.


Thank you, that is good news Michael !