How can I edit my map on my Dashboard?

I’m still testing all this out on the free version. I planned a couple of flights last week from my Dashboard. I’ve not flown them yet. I want to go back, open them up, check altitude and overlap and possibly edit them. How can I do this?

At the moment, the settings you have on your phone when you go into the field are what are used for your flight. What is used from your desktop planning is the area you would like to fly. This is going to improved in a future version.

Okay. thanks for the reply.
I am writing a “plan of action” report for a client. I had planned the mission on my dashboard a week or two ago and I wanted to revisit it to review my settings and maybe experiment with altitudes and overlap to get a better estimate on battery usage. I have not transferred it to my phone yet. Nor do I want to have to fire up the drone to edit the information on my phone.
FYI: I’ve currently reset my phone to factory settings because the DJI and Litchi apps were draining my battery and eating up data even when I’m not using them. Even after rebooting, they are running in the background. I’ve not noticed Drone Deploy doing that. Right now I can’t experiment with my phone until I figure out what other apps were draining my battery. I have minimal apps on it and I’ve not reloaded Drone Deploy yet.

Hi Lyle
There should be a button to ‘Edit’ any un-flown mission on your dashboard - do you see that?

For some reason, it says “Synced” on the projects I want to edit. I guess I had synced them at some point not knowing what I was doing. However, on the drop down on the “Synced” button, I found “Copy”. I can copy the project, then edit that copy.

At the moment we don’t allow editing a synced map because we are concerned about making sure the user has the most up to date version on their phone. We tried to simplify the problem by not allowing editing after syncing. Hopefully this will improve in the new version of the UI coming soon.