How can i disconsider level difference?

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When exists a mountain, with 100m of high, if I start the drone on the foot of the mountain with 75m on the plan i have a problem. So, today I start the drone at the top of the mountain.

My doubt is if it’s possible to start the drone at “-100m”, so it fly to “0m” and than start to count the plan altitude (75m), on the real is was at 175m. But with this “trick” i have a possibility to start the drone at the foot of the mountain…

Ps.: Another thing, if anyone know how to clear the cache of offline maps (the plans are deleted without clear). Today i cant do offline plans because of this… =(

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I think you are on the right track. As long as you know the elevation difference between the base and top you should be able to start at the base and set the altitude to clear the peak. One problem you might encounter is if the elevation change is greater than 400ft. I would consider running two plans, both from the bottom. One that clears the peak and captures a little past the base and another at the same AGL for the bottom that slightly overlaps the start of the rise. Beyond that I think the best path is a program like Litchi. Inexpensive for a one-time purchase and a ton of functionality. Here is an example of a plan I did with a 150ft rise in elevation. It takes a little work to get the plan set, but then you have it. You can see where I started the plan and by the time I reached a point at the top the 250ft AGL turned in 380ft. The highest point of the plan was configured so that it was at 395ft so that the programs would allow me to fly. Also you will see that I ran parallel with the slope.



As for removing offline maps after they had already been deleted it would be best to email @Adam_Carp

Hi MichaelL!

Thanks a lot for your help. I am beginner yet, so i like dronedeploy for the facility. Litchi is to manual to planning… But i will try. Another doubt, could be exists an App (actually i use “KML and SHP Import” / “Auto Flight Modes (DD Labs) - Field, Terrain, Structures, Crosshatch”) to ignore “elevation difference between the base and top”?

Those modes basically just try to modify the flight plan for you according to the type of survey you want to accomplish, but there is no terrain following at this time. You are right about the manual nature of Litchi, but once you have done it a few times you will become proficient at it. You use the PC browser interface for the mass planning utilizing the live distance reading to set your spacing and do the final adjustments in the field with the app because it allows you to do batch editing. If you would like to send me a KML I would be happy to prep a plan.

Also, if you fly from the base with an altitude of 100m+ you may want to increase your front and side overlaps on the higher flight or it may take too few pictures thinking the ground is farther away.