How about share your thoughts about providing services for municipal officials

The next summer drone mapping season is around corner and I’m about to make some heavy promoting for municipal offices. I’ve already landed first big gettogether event with my own town officials.

I would love to hear or have conversation with anyone who have provided mapping/ 3D-model services for environmental officials or such. I might not be fully aware how to present the benefits of drone mapping.

Should I pursue the repeated missions route, could it be that “thing” for the environment surveys?


Hi NikoPaulann,
Im a newbee and would love to know what you have learned so far, I have chosen this as my route into the business, I have no Pfaw yet so it may be some time, but any help you can give for insertion into my business plan would be terrific.
Nice to emeet you,


First off . . . Good for you. This is an untapped resource.

I am currently flying and mapping 250 miles of storm water drainage systems for a large city and thus far, they LOVE it. All they want are orthos that can be overlaid on Google Earth (DD provides the files to do that) and they think this is the best thing since water filters in Flint. If you would like to visit with me about this project and how it might help you in your quest, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Dale Parrish
Hover Visions

Hi @Boots4Pigeons!

I suggest strongly before making jump to the business that you buy 2-3 lunches for your potential customers and talk to them what they really need and make your business around that. That is all that matters, paying customers. :smile:

Hope you well and prosperous business!

/Niko Paulanne

Hi @Dale_Parrish!

Good to hear that somebody else is also doing work with/ for environmental type offices! I thought also that the most wanted thing will be the ortho-images of various places. But I’m trying to pursue the idea that many municipial not regularly officers visited places like playing grounds, public parks, boat yards would be much easier to be monitored for maintenance if they will be regularly aerially photographed and made to looked around any angle 3D-models.

And many thanks for offer to contact you. I most certainly will bounce some ideas through this forum or through private chat!

Niko Paulanne

@Dale_Parrish Are you using a fixed wing or quad for the mapping project?

Dale_Parrish, can you tell us what kind of files you are delivering to city, and what they are looking for most.

also, did you approach the city manager, or a different department?

thanks for the info.

Tony V.

@tonyv, I can give you my recipe for success getting to meet the officials:

  • go into local town meetings where environment or development officials are giving people info about local development etc or similar get together. Give brief 30 sec elevator pitch about your services to all relevant officials and how you might help them. Ask if you can send more info to their email address.
  • after emailing phone them to ask if you can meet them and talk to all their relevant staff about aerial imaging and how they have uses aerial imaging
  • give them quotes on the services they really need that time

What I have now come to realising that all departments have different needs and you can not offer “one package suit all”. Hope this help you in your endeavour!

/Niko Paulanne

Exactly Niko . . . . good pointers.